Da Hong Pao Tea - Big Red Robe Tea Benefits

Da Hong Pao Tea is one of the highest quality Chinese oolong teas and is known for its long history and reputation.

This oolong tea comes from the Wu Yi Mountains in the Fujian province in China, where the best oolong teas are grown.

This tea is composed of beautiful downy buds and one or two leaves. These leaves are tightly rolled and present a greenish brown color. Its rich orchid aroma and wonderful long lasting taste make this high quality tea one of a kind.

Using young shoots with well developed buds, this tea is essentially made up of long twisted shoots that are tightly rolled. Da Hong Pao tea is a semi-oxidized tea to 40% resulting in large dark green leaves with brownish tones.

Benefits of drinking Da Hong Pao Tea

This oolong tea is rich in polyphenols, a natural antioxidant that accounts for many of the great benefits tea has to offer, also Da Hong Pao tea may help provide vitamin C when you need them the most. 

Improve Digestion

  • Eating too much or a sluggish digestion may lead to indigestion, bloating and intestinal problems such as constipation. This is when we crave for a cup of tea.
  • A warm cup of Da Hong Pao tea is not only comforting, but it is also quite helpful. Antioxidants and caffeine help improve your metabolism, making your stomach process food better and faster.
  • This oolong tea helps to maintain your stomach healthy and at the same time breaks down food so that your intestines have easier time absorbing nutrients and getting rid of wastes.

Weight Loss

  • Improve the rate of your metabolism by drinking oolong tea on a regular basis may be a great way to start losing excess weight.
  • Eating healthier foods and at the same time drinking tea helps your stomach to work properly getting rid of fats and other unwanted wastes.
  • At the same time, caffeine in tea will help give a boost of energy to start doing regular physical exercise to help you get in shape faster.

Healthy Strong Heart

  • Drinking tea on a regular basis may help improve your heart health as polyphenols in tea are said to help lower bad cholesterol in your blood.
  • Da Hong Pao tea may also help prevent the buildup of plaque on the arterial walls and so help prevent coronary heart disease.
  • If you have had previous heart disease, take note that this is a moderately caffeinated tea and that you should seek the advice of your doctor before drinking any tea.

Mental Alertness

  • Oolong tea contains a moderate level of caffeine that may help you stay alert and focused throughout the day.
  • Caffeine in tea is released slowly into the blood stream and last longer when compared to the burst of energy you get from coffee.
  • Tea also possesses an amino acid, L-theanine, which calms the mind and soothes the nerves. This is how tea is both soothing and energizing at the same time.

Strengthen the Immune System

  • Why is it that when you are ill you seek the comfort of a hot cup of tea? A sip and you begin to feel better, a cup or two of hot tea and things seem to regain their balance. Right?
  • A good cup of tea does more than just comfort you in time of need, it provides you with minerals and vitamins that you need to help fight disease.
  • At the same time, antioxidants in tea may help to build up your immune system and regenerate your defenses against future illness caused by viruses or bacteria.
  • Though further study is needed, tea may help prevent damage at the cellular level that causes cancer. Antioxidants help the body fight the free radicals that cause tumor growth.

Healthy skin

  • The antioxidants present in this tea are essential to counter the effects of premature aging. Drinking Da Hong Pao tea on a regular basis may help do away with dark spots, roughness of the skin, even a few wrinkles.
  • Tea is said to be helpful reversing the aging process because the high amount of antioxidants that are particularly high in oolong teas, help fight environmental stress and pollution that can have toll on your skin.