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Snow Mountain Raw Pu-erh (2017)

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There are two Da Xue Shan (Big Snow mountains) in Lincang prefecture. One is in Mengku county and the other is in Yong De county. The (大雪山) Da Xue Shan Loose Raw Pu-erh is of Spring crop from Mengku Da Xue Shan (Big Snow Mountain). Tealeaves were harvested from a desolated ancient tea garden filled with tea trees between 200 and 300 years old at an altitude of about 1800 meters on the south-western slope of the mountain.

The Pu-erh itself is full of intense cha qi and is somewhat bitter and pungent. The mouth-feel is strong and fills and stimulates the mouth long after it has been drunk. There is a slight flowery aroma that will become more obvious with aging. The loose raw Pu-erh is an ideal tea for maturation, with the necessary strong and intense character to become a full-bodied and textured tea as time goes on.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that raw Pu-erh can only be drunk after at least 5-10 years aging. In fact, raw Pu-erh of good quality especially the ones made of tealeaves harvested from old or ancient arbor tea trees such as the Da Xue Shan loose raw Pu-erh is delicious even being enjoyed in current year. Of course, amazing changes can be found every several years if properly stored.

Brewing Method: 5g tea per every 110ml @ 100
Steep for 5 sec each brew, stands up to 10 brew. 
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