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Jasmine Oolong

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Our Jasmine Oolong is prepared using the ancient method, in which the tea absorbs the jasmine flower fragrance during the baking progress, producing a scented tea that’s aromatic and flavourful without using any additives or chemicals. Jasmine Oolong is a pure, cleansing tea.

Jasmine Oolong is a flower tea with an inviting floral scent and a clean, strong taste, the flavour of jasmine blossoms overlaying earthy oolong undertones. 

When the fragrance of tea slowly drifts away, the body and mind relax, and the tension, busyness and impetuousness of life also dissipate instantly.

Brewing Method: 1 tsp Tea per every 180ml @ 85°C

Steep for 3 - 4 mins. Do not over brew to avoid bitterness. 

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