KAMJOVE Press Art Teapot


This teapot is fill with innovation and design for easy tea making. Good workmanship and quality, it makes tea drinking very easy. 

This teapot comes in 2 sizes, TP-787 & TP-160 can make about 200ml of tea, which is about the size of a yixing teapot, TP-140 can make about 150ml of tea which is about the size of a Gaiwan.

This teapot comes with a tea shovel and 2 tea cups.

Most suitable for office or home used. 


1. Put some tea tea leaves into the inner pot.

2. Add boiled water and lit it.

3. When the strength of tea is suitable, press the button to filter it into the pot. 

4. Pour the tea into a cup

FREE SHIPPING for any purchase above $60, flat fee shipping rate @ $5 for order below $60. Once order is placed, it will take approx. 3-5 working days to arrived at your door step. 

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